How it works, from now until the day we relaunch Pacific Standard Time Co. on Kickstarter, we’re going to choose two lucky people to win a free Pacific Standard Watch of their choice in wood and here’s what you have to do: (retail value $595.00)

1. On Facebook and Instagram, “Like / Love” ALL of our posts posted today and everyday we post. 
Instagram- @pacificstandardtimeco
Facebook www.facebook.com/pacificstandardtimecompany
2. You must LIKE our Facebook Page and FOLLOW us on Instagram
3. SHARE all of our new posts daily with ‪#‎PacificStandard‬ and encourage your friends to share as well. 
4. INVITE your friends to LIKE our Facebook and invite them to FOLLOW our Instagram.
5. Comment on ALL posts and give us feedback on ALL images.
6. You must go to www.pacificstandardtimecompany.com and SIGN UP for the Pacific Standard Time Co. newsletter.
7. You MUST be having a great day and if not… take a step back, close your eyes, BREATH… and picture yourself enjoying that beautiful Pacific lifestyle and all of it’s positive vibes.

We’re going to monitor everything daily to see who is actually following instructions and will be selecting only two (2) winners the day before we launch. Once we have selected the winners, we’re going to announce them on social media and through the Pacific Standard Newsletter as well as sending them a private message (Pacific Standard Ohana). That simple! Good luck and let’s show THE WORLD what Pacific has to offer!